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Peacekeeping as in important part of the CSTOS military component: Place and role of Armenia
08.07.2013 | Hayk Kotanjian
Armenia can contribute to the formation of the peacekeeping element within the CSTOs military component, supporting its transformation into a multifunctional actor not only of regional but also of global security.

Managing Strategic Changes Through DEEP Reforms: A View from the Perspective of U.S. Armenia Smart Power Cooperation
30.04.2013 | Hayk Kotanjian
Education is a systematic process of forming the fundamental ability to think analytically, incorporating both basic and specialized knowledge. Therefore, in the armed forces of leading countries of the world, the field of military education and personnel management is regarded as a primary factor for ensuring the efficiency of the defense security system and the combat capability of the military.

A strong, independent and united Ukraine would be an important partner for Europe
01.03.2013 | Zita Gurmai, László Kemény
With its 46 million inhabitants and a territory bigger than any western-European country, Ukraine remains one of Europes tension-laden unknown variables. No matter how you look at Europes borders - whether Europe means only the west or everything up to the Urals or even all the way to Vladivostok.

On the Twenty-fifth anniversary of the Karabakh national-liberation movement
27.02.2013 | Hayk Kotanjian
As a participant of the political process related to the Karabakh national-liberation movement since February 1988, I consider it my duty of a politician, military diplomat and political scientist to speak of the glorious anniversary of the Karabakh national-liberation movement.

ICES missions preliminary report 2 on the pre-election period in Armenia 2013
15.02.2013 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
The Mission notes that, considering the efficient and professional work of electoral committees of all levels during the election day and the post-election vote counting process, the violations registered during the monitoring of the pre-election campaign cannot significantly influence the outcome of the elections.

ICES experts shocked by assassination attempt on Armenia presidential candidate
02.02.2013 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
The mission of the International Expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) will start their monitoring of Armenias elections from February 3 regardless of whether elections will be postponed or held on time.

Political Science Association considered crime against Hayrikyan to be political adventurism
01.02.2013 | PSAA
The Association considers the incident on the eve of the presidential elections as a sign of political adventurism, and encourages all healthy political forces in the country to combine their efforts to ensure domestic political stability and lawful, fair, and democratic elections.

The Presidential Elections in Armenia: Statement of the observer mission ICES
22.01.2013 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
The official presidential race has launched in Armenia Monday, January 21, with PACE observer mission having earlier expressed concern over the course of the campaign. PACEs remarks involved low public interest to elections, inaccuracies in voters lists and impossibility to vote abroad.

About the elections in Czech Republic
17.01.2013 | Anna Churdova
It is very difficult to make any predictions now because the difference between the two candidates is very small. It is only 41 thousand votes. Both of them are strong personalities, so we will see how the campaigns will be held. It is very dangerous that that the majority of the Mass Media is on the side of Mr. Schwarzenberg.

ICES missions preliminary report on the pre-election period in Armenia
21.12.2012 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
The Mission believes that even at the pre-election stage, all participants in the electoral process must declare their willingness to conduct honest and transparent campaign. They must also acknowledge the legitimacy of the electoral process and its results whether or not they will meet their expectations.

New partnership based on cooperative security enhancement
07.11.2012 | Hayk Kotanjian
Armenias partnership with NATO within the framework of cooperative security goes back to 2002, when the country joined the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP) thus getting the opportunity to have its own contribution to multinational training, exercises and operations under the auspices of the Alliance.

Political scientists against the policy of xenophobia of the head of the Azerbaijani state
02.11.2012 | Hayk Kotanjian
Recently the Baku mass media disseminates information on building a memorial to the genocide victims on the mass burial site in Guba initiated by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. This fact is becoming a point for political manipulations targeted at escalating xenophobia and cultivating anti-Armenian sentiment.

ICES missions report on the pre-parliamentary elections of Georgia 2012
01.11.2012 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
According to the analysis and conclusions of the ICES mission to Georgia, the pre-election processes in Georgia create concerns and rise questions concerning the legitimacy and high politicization of the pre-election political environment in the country.

Interim Report for Election Monitoring Mission ICES from Ukraine
25.09.2012 | Elections Observation Mission ICES
In the first phase, the ICES mission conducted research and analysis of the Election Law of Ukraine, the current electoral system of parliamentary elections, the pre-elections tensions in the country and the work of Ukrainian electronic media, and the analysis of the CEC work in preparation for conducting the elections.

Aliyev is becoming a problem for democracy in Azerbaijan and the region
14.09.2012 | Hayk Kotanjian
President Aliyev, to find an excuse for his order to pardon and justify - without a judicial act - the citizen of Azerbaijan sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hungarian court, the murderer of a sleeping fellow student within the framework of NATO Partnership for Peace Program, has falsified the juridical fact of pardoning Varuzhan Karapetyan in 2001.

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