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President Zelensky On The Ukrainian Minefields
05.06.2019 | Laszlo Kemeny, Miklos K. Radvanyi
The key to Ukraine is to understand that the country is replete with maliciously placed political, economic, financial, cultural, ethnic, religious, and moral landmines. These mines can only be defused gradually and with the greatest caution.

Save Ukraine!
28.11.2018 | Laszlo Kemeny, Miklos K. Radvanyi
The martial law declared by the Ukrainian Parliament comprises of three elements. First, martial law is only declared in the counties bordering on Russia and Moldova. Second, there are twelve implementing points that have not yet been fully published. Third, presidential elections cannot be delayed. They must be held as scheduled on March 31, 2019.

The Past, The Present And The Future of US-Russian Relations
13.07.2018 | Miklos K. Radvanyi, Laszlo Kemeny
In the upcoming meeting between President Trump and President Putin one major factor must be taken into account. For President Trump the outcome of this summit is important domestically too. For President Putin domestic opinion is negligible, if not totally unimportant.

Alexander Tsinker considers necessary the work to eliminate visa regime between Armenia and Israel
08.11.2017 | Syuzi Muradyan
I would like to highlight the dynamically developing process between our two countries the evidence of which was the invitation of the Israeli PM.

Uzbekistan a year later: On the eve of a big strategic leap
14.10.2017 | Sayfiddin Juraev
Significant changes began in Uzbekistan in all spheres of society from the beginning of September 2016. Real changes are taking place in the relationship between the state and - people. After all, 2017 is the Year of Dialogue and Human Interests…

Alexander Tsinker: Israel explains to Baku non-expediency of situation around Lapshin
31.01.2017 | Alexander Tsinker
Israeli special services are trying to do everything not to let Lapshin end up in Azerbaijani jail, political expert Alexander Tsinker told Armenian News - NEWS.am commenting on the situation around a probable extradition of the blogger Alexander Lapshin from Belarus to Azerbaijan and answering the question, how it may affect the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan.

Israel may recognize Armenian Genocide, but serious works need to be done - Alexander Tsinker
04.08.2016 | Alexander Tsinker
Former member of Knesset, founder of the Israel-Armenia interparliamentary friendship group Alexander Tsinker says it is possible to achieve the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel, however, serious works must be done towards that path.

Military coup attempt in Turkey reminds poor stage performance – says Alexander Tsinker
18.07.2016 | Alexander Tsinker
Today Turkey is turning into an authoritarian sultanate where the democratic freedoms will be gradually eliminated under the slogans of the fight against rebels, terrorists and traitors

Islam: The End of the European Union?
30.04.2016 | Johan Deckmyn
Since the Islamist attacks of November 13 in Paris something has fundamentally changed in Europe. Europeans also now realize that they will never be completely safe from Islamic terrorism. This is a feeling that the Americans have already known since the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

09.04.2016 | Political Science Association of Armenia
Qualifying the large-scale hostilities launched by Azerbaijan as provocations to destroy the OSCE Minsk Group platform, we appeal to the UN Secretary General, the Acting Chairman of the UN Security Council, and the Heads of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair states, abstain from engaging in false equivalency between the aggressor and those defending themselves.

The greeting address to the 7th All-Russian congress of political science
21.11.2015 | Hayk Kotanjian
On behalf of Political Science Association of Armenia and – as it was kindly offered to me – on behalf of sister Associations of the New Independent States I have the honor to extend brief greetings to the participants and guests of the 7th All-Russian Congress of Political Science.

Institution building in De Facto states as a precondition for conflict resolution
10.10.2015 | Alexander Tsinker
Since the emergence of the de facto states two parallel processes related to them can be observed. On the one hand – the ongoing discussions in various international forums and groups, aimed at resolving “frozen” conflicts; on the other – the state institutionalization of the de facto states’ structures.

The Security of the Parliamentary Republic: the Model of Israel
07.09.2015 | Hayk Kotanjian
First of all, it should be noted that, in response to the Genocide-Holocaust, the Founding Fathers of the State of Israel, resting upon the resolution of the UN Security Council, shared the conviction that in order for the Jewish state to become a safe heaven and beacon for the progressive and sustainable development both for the Jews living on the land of the Zion, and the World Jewry as a whole, the State of Israel ought to be created as an effective democracy.

An Open Letter to the Authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan
16.08.2015 | Alexander Tsinker
I appeal to the representatives of Azerbaijani authorities with a call to remember each person’s right to life and, hereby, ask them to release the Yunus couple for humanitarian reasons and provide them with an opportunity for a full treatment.

Karabakh citizens have taken the right direction
01.05.2015 | Alexander Tsinker
Parliamentary elections prove that Karabakh citizens have taken the right direction and are doing what any independent state should do, Alexander Tsinker, the President of the International expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) and Israeli political analyst told Armenian News – NEWS.am.

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