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Alexander Tsinker: Israel explains to Baku non-expediency of situation around Lapshin
31 January 2017 | Alexander Tsinker

Israeli special services are trying to do everything not to let Lapshin end up in Azerbaijani jail, political expert Alexander Tsinker told Armenian News - NEWS.am commenting on the situation around a probable extradition of the blogger Alexander Lapshin from Belarus to Azerbaijan and answering the question, how it may affect the relations between Israel and Azerbaijan.

Over 500 people are in the black list of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. People included in the list are very famous: the world famous opera and pop stars, prominent politicians, prominent politicians holding high posts in the governments and parliaments of various countries, political experts, journalists and media representatives from America and Europe. Azerbaijan has not issued international warrant for anyone included in the list.

The official reason for Lapshins warrant is a violation of the ban on entering Azerbaijan. More real reason, in my opinion, is that the blogger criticized Azerbaijani border guards and other government officials.

Israeli Foreign Ministry is trying to explain to the leadership of Azerbaijan inexpediency of the situation around the blogger and extradition of a person who, along with the Russian and Ukrainian citizenship, is also a citizen of Israel, Alexander Tsinker said.

At the same time, according to the political expert, it is early to speak about possible steps of Tel Aviv in case of Alexander Lapshin's extradition to Azerbaijan and about possible deterioration in the Azerbaijani-Israeli relations.

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