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Karabakh citizens have taken the right direction
01 May 2015 | Alexander Tsinker

Parliamentary elections prove that Karabakh citizens have taken the right direction and are doing what any independent state should do, Alexander Tsinker, the President of the International expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) and Israeli political analyst told Armenian News NEWS.am.

In Karabakh, people elect the government authorities, i.e they build institutes proper to all states, he said. Today we visited the Parliament speaker, the PM and Karabakh president, namely all the legislative and executive branches. All these structures, which should exist, are established in Karabakh. Conducting democratic elections legitimizes these government authorities. Thats why we hope that the elections will pass in a proper way, and if we find them democratic, this will vindicate my words, Alexander Tsinker said.

Referring to the question of the process of Karabakhs international recognition, Tsinker said that currently that process is rather complex, and the problem should be settled via compromise. The OSCE Minsk Group can only help, but the compromise requires the participation of both parties. I hope that the second party, Azerbaijan, will also realize that compromise can be a solution to this problem, and then the process will end at stalemate. The entire international community will see that the process has started to move in this direction, and then the recognition questions will be settled in the short term, Alexander Tsinker concluded.

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