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17.10.2019 | Thursday | 13:00 GMT+2
Headquarters ICES:
Klumpkestraat 15
6241 JC Bunde
Тел.: +31-64-627-6282

Branch of ICES in Israel:
P.O.B. 20596
Tel-Aviv 61202, Israel
Tel.: +972-5235-14605
Fax: +972-3505-5335

ICES office in the United States:
10015 Lake Creek Pkwy,
Unit 1221, Austin, TX,
78729 USA
Phone: +1-512-709-3992

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The strength and success of democracies
of whatever type or extent rest
only on one trifling technical detail -
the election procedure.
Other things are of little import.
(Hose Ortega y Gasset)

The International expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) is a nonprofit non-governmental public organization set up by a group of highly qualified experts in the fields of law, political science, diplomacy and sociology, coming from the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany and Israel.

The ICES registered by the Ministry of Jurisprudence of Israel (№580449056, 12.13.2005) and by Chamber of Commerce for Limburg (The Netherlands, №52735192, 5.19.2011).

The ICES experts have a vast experience in political monitoring and management of electoral preparations and processes in different countries.

The ICES' main lines of activities are:

  • Research and analysis of legal systems of different countries in the area of electoral rights and election systems.

  • Monitoring political and civil processes in developing democracies.

  • Formulation of requirements for fair and transparent elections, free of ballot rigging, interference of governmental structures, ensuring that the media are free, and human rights and liberties are observed.

  • Development of toolkits for political monitoring, management of electoral preparations and conducting of election campaigns.

  • Monitoring of preparations for the elections and the voting.

    The Center organizes and sends its own missions of international observers to elections of different levels and joins other international missions; publishes the results of its research, articles and reports of its experts; arranges seminars and round table discussions on major issues of political monitoring and analysis of electoral systems.

    The ICES is open for a wide-ranging co-operation with representatives of governmental structures and political parties, international and national public associations, research centers and the media.
  • Dr. Alexander Tsinker<br>President of the ICES
    Dr. Alexander Tsinker
    President of the ICES
    On July 23, 2007 ICES was registered by the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division and added to the list of international nongovernmental organizations endorsing Declaration of Principles for international election observation and Code of Conduct for international election observers commemorated October 27, 2005, at the United Nations, New York.
    Country Election Type
    Canada Parliamentary 21.10.2019
    Argentina General 27.10.2019
    Haiti Parliamentary 27.10.2019
    Bulgaria Local 27.10.2019
    Romania Presidential 03.11.2019
    Spain Parliamentary 10.11.2019
    Belarus Parliamentary 17.11.2019
    Uzbekistan Parliamentary 22.12.2019
    Azerbaijan Municipal 27.12.2019
    Iran Parliamentary 21.02.2020
    South Korea Parliamentary 15.04.2020
    Dominican Republic Presidential and Parliamentary 17.05.2020
    Lithuania Parliamentary 1st round 11.10.2020
    Lithuania Parliamentary 2nd round 25.10.2020
    Azerbaijan Parliamentary 01.11.2020
    USA Presidential 03.11.2020
    Venezuela Parliamentary 06.12.2020
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